What is DigiOz.com?

DigiOz.com is a Web Design and Support Company specializing in both Static and Dynamic Web Content Management and Design. We also provide custom Windows Desktop Application Programming to individuals or Businesses, as well as automating system processes. 

What type of applications do you develop?

We specialize in applications written in ASP.NET and PHP with an extended use of Microsoft SQL or MySQL Databases. We also upgrade ASP server-side applications to ASP.NET or PHP. 

How long does it take you to design a website?
It all depends on your individual needs and how big your website is going to be. Assuming that you already have a registered domain and a webhost to put your website on, it usually takes between 24 hours to 3 days for Static websites, for an average size website of 5 to 8 pages. If you require a dynamic website it could take up to a week to write and debug the applications you require for your site.

What are the requirements for dynamic Websites?
If you already have a webhost, make sure that your host supports PHP 4 and MySQL database. If you don't have a webhost, we can provide you with a webhost to host your site on. Please see the Webhosting Price List for more details. 

What type Scripts do you install?
We do custom installation for most common Message Board, Web Polls, Chatrooms, Guestbooks and Web Albums, assuming that the script you want installed on your website has already been debugged by the developer and is in good working condition. We also write custom scripts for our clients and fit them to your individual needs. 

Do I need to know HTML or any other scripting language to maintain the website?
No, you don't need to. We have a monthly maintenance plan through which we continue to update your website, as long as you stay on that plan. However, if you require a one-time web design project and do not want us to maintain your site for you after it is finished, we have a tutorial that allows you to learn to maintain the website yourself.