Here is a list of services we provide:

1- Programming:
Need to create a custom program for your business? We can help you create Windows based Programs to help you with such tasks as generating sales reports, timesheets, client database and more. Our programmers use VB.NET and C# 2003 and 2005, C++ and Visual Basic 6.0 to help you design your ideal business or home application.

2- Design of Personal and Business Websites:
We provide state of the art Web Design for Personal and Business Websites. Your websites will be created based on your individual needs.

3- Creation of Dynamic Web Content:
Using Server Side Scripts (Web-Based Programs), we are able to produce web content that displays a different content based on the input your visitors give you. This will allow you to better serve your costumers by showing the exact web content that each visitor is looking for.

4- Computer Consulting:
Need help customizing your PC Environment? Our technicians are ready to help you unjam a printer, find your lost file, select the best software for your project, and even teach you how to use advanced equipment.

5- Web or Windows Based Program Installation:
We also provide installations of Web based systems such as portals, crm, forums, web polls, guestbooks, chatrooms and counters. You can either choose from an existing list of scripts we provide, or give us your preselected system and we will install it for you.